Fresh fish market at the main shop

The largest in the area! Fresh fish market

Big Fresh fish corner

Uotaro is located only a few minutes away from Toyohama Fishing Port and Katana Fishing Port, which boast the largest fish catches in Aichi Prefecture. Freshly caught fish are lined up here every morning at amazingly low prices. Fish can be cut to oder for free. Consult with a fish pro for advice such as on cooking methods!

Free preparation Huge fish tanks
Uotaro, which is thoroughly committed to freshness, sells fish and shellfish that are still alive! Freshly caught fish can be seen swimming in the enormous fish tanks!

Fresh fish in baskets corner

Small fish caught locally are sold in baskets at affordable prices. The types of fresh raised in the bountiful waters of Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay vary by season. Here, you can also find rare types of fish! The staff also introduces cooking and preparation methods!

Caught in the morning! Baby fish / shrimp Bluefin tuna, sashimi shelves, fish roe We will teach you how to cook them

Homemade dried fish

Large amounts of dried fish are produced on the Chita Peninsula, which is a treasury of fish and shellfish. Most of the dried fish at Uotaro is carefully made by hand at our store. Uotaro’s famous dried fatty chub mackerel made with a fresh preparation method keeps many customers coming back for more and is a popular gift. Other seafood products such as red seabream, blowfish, octopus, sardines, and conger eel, which Minamichita is famous for, are also dried throughout the various seasons.

See here for details on special homemade dried fish

Stall for boiled octopus

The nutrient-rich waters of the Chita Peninsula, where the waters of Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay meet, offer large catches of octopus, and the octopus caught around Himaka Island in Minamichita is famous nationwide as a brand-name octopus. The rich and tender octopus is sold freshly boiled at the shop.

Sold freshly boiled

Huge live shellfish tank, live blue crab, mantis shrimp, and more

Aichi Prefecture has some of the largest catches of clams in the country. Uotaro sells live shellfish kept in a large tank.
The famous giant clams of the Chita Peninsula are very popular at barbecues! There is also a wide variety of shellfish including hard clams, white hard clams, and live turban shell. Aichi Prefecture has large catches of blue crab in the summer and autumn, when they are in season, and they are sold freshly boiled after being kept live in tanks. Precious types of fish and shellfish such as mantis shrimp and Venus clams also come in on some days.

Sold live

Baby sardine Fish, laver, dried foods, and more

Only the freshest fish is offered at Uotaro.
Minamichita boasts some of the largest catches in the country.
Enjoy baby fish that is exceptionally fresh right by the fishing port where it is caught.

Summer fish, autumn fish, and fresh whitebait also arriving!

Buy at the fresh fish market and enjoy barbecuing it right on the spot!

Take it straight to the BBQ
The beach BBQ spot located at the fresh fish market is available every day of the year without the need for a reservation.
Enjoy freshly caught fish and shellfish that you bought at the fish market right there on the spot. Experience what true freshness is!
Enjoy an exhilarating barbecue experience with the ocean right in front of you!*Visitors can enter and leave the fresh fish market after admission at the seaside facility.
Choose your own fresh fish!
Enjoy fresh sashimi at the barbecue by selecting a fresh fish lined at the fish market and paying an extra preparation fee of 500 yen!
A luxury that can only be experienced at a barbecue spot in a fresh fish market!
Please select your favorite fresh fish! It will then be delivered to your barbecue.

Seaside barbecue

Enjoy fresh fish and shellfish  with the vast ocean right in front of you!

Enjoy barbecuing seafood at a seaside spot adjacent to Uotaro’s fresh fish market overlooking the vast ocean. At Uotaro, you can get seafood products that have just been caught at a fishing port.
Enjoy fresh seafood direct from the fish market and then char-grilled to your heart’s content. There are also over 80 types of ingredients and over 40 types of drinks available within the seaside facilities. Offering not only seafood, but meat dishes, meals with rice, and desserts as well.
Some of the best seafood barbecuing in the country at a location with a fantastic view of the ocean, attracting many visitors from other prefectures.

Enjoy a casual seafood rice bowl  at a stall-like shop!

Introductory video for the main shop

Seaside barbecue

Fresh seafood enjoyed with a view of the ocean! Visitors in groups welcome!

There is a Japanese restaurant in the fish market that offers fresh local blessings from the sea shipped directly from the market. Enjoy a relaxing meal while taking in a view of the sea.

See here for details

Seafood bowl restrant Umaimono Yatai

  • Over dozens of types of seafood bowls available.

Fresh fish market
Business hours

Business hours
[Weekdays] 9:00~16:30(LO:16:00)
[Saturday, Sunday, Holidays] 8:30~16:30(LO:16:00)
Businass hours are subject to change during Golden Week and the year-end and New Year holidays.
32-1, Harako, Toyooka, Mihamacho Chita-gun, Aichi-ken


Uotaro K.K.
32-1, Harako, Toyooka, Mihamacho Chita-gun, Aichi-ken

When visiting by car
Via Nagoya Expressway
About 5 mins. from the Minamichita IC on the Chitahanto Road from the Odaka IC on the Nagoya Expressway
Via Isewangan Expressway
■From the Toyota JCT: About 5 mins. from the Minamichita IC on the Chitahanto Road from the Odaka IC
■From the Yokkaichi JCT: Exit the road at the Obu IC, run along National Route 302, and enter the Chitahanto Road at the Obu-nishi IC.
  • A large parking lot is available.
  • 15 mins. from Utsumi Beach, and 10 mins. from Morozaki Fishing Port.
When visiting by public transportation

About 50 mins. by limited express train from Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Kowa Station, about 10 mins. from Kowa Station on the Chita Noriai Umikko Bus (for Morozakiko, for Sakana Hiroba, for Toyohama) or complimentary shuttle bus (Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays only).